6 Best Places to Keep a Cat’s Litter Box in Small Apartments

6 Best Places to Keep a Cat’s Litter Box in Small Apartments

Are you short on space but need to make space for a cat litter box? If so, you're in the right place to find the perfect spot!

We know getting the right place to put your cat’s litter box for a cat owner can be tricky. It is even more challenging to find space if you live in a small apartment.  

After a long day of work, the last thing you want is to step on cat urine or drag cat litter to your room. Cat odor from urine and feces can also be irritating when you want to relax at home.  

So, where do you put a litter box so that it's not in the way but still accessible to your cat? Well, in this article, we tell you the best places in your small apartment to store your cat’s litter box!

How Many Cat Litter Boxes Do You Need?

Most cat owners follow an unwritten rule when buying a new litter box. If you have multiple cats, you should get one for each cat and an extra one in case. If you have one cat, you should have an extra litter box for your apartment. 

how many cat litter boxes do you need

Thinking two is a bit too much? Well,  having a clean litter box on standby comes in handy when the primary one is dirty. Although your small apartment might feel more cramped with two, a dirty litter box can cause your kitty to pee elsewhere.

So what can you do if you only have the space for one cat litter box?

Clean up more. Scooping and changing litter will have to be more frequent. It'll help mitigate lingering litter smells and make sure your cat always has a fresh litter box to use.

If this sounds tasking, you can get an automatic self-cleaning litter box that cleans itself. 

Now that you’ve decided how many litter boxes you need, where should you place them in your apartment?

The Places to Put a Cat Litter Box in A Small Apartment

Staying in a smaller apartment can have its limitations-especially if you have pets. You need to find a good spot to put the litter box depending on your cat’s behavior and character, 

Here are a few places to consider putting your cat’s litter box:

put litter box inside apartment laundry room

Laundry Room

Most small apartments do not have a designated laundry room. This design fact is due to the lack of space. If you are lucky enough to have one, it can be a great place to put a litter box.

I know, you might be wary of putting your litter box in the same room as your clothes, but hear me out. If you do your laundry on time, your clothes won't in the laundry room long enough to absorb any odor. 

You can also choose to buy a covered litter box instead of traditional litter pans. This type helps contain odors away from your clean clothes and gives your cat the privacy they need. 

Some cats are skittish when it comes to certain noises. If your kitty likes peace when using the bathroom, near your dryer and washer may not be the best place for a litter box. So what’s the next best option, your bathroom?

cat litter box in apartment bathroom

In the Bathroom

You go to the toilet in your bathroom, so why shouldn’t your kitty? Well, there are a few reasons why not. One is because bathrooms are humid, and humidity doesn’t go well with cat litter. 

Due to the humid nature of your bathroom, litter starts clumping together to form a solid mass. This mass can attract and grow mold in your bathroom. Mold is dangerous because it irritates asthma and allergies. 

But where else can you put it in your tiny apartment? If you don’t have any other alternatives, you can put it in the bathroom as long as you manage the humidity levels. You can do this with a dehumidifier. It helps bring the humidity down by sucking the water from the air.

Just make sure you don't place your cat's litter box near your bathroom supplies (particularly cleaning products.

Now, if you have a tiny bathroom, your options might be a bit more limited, but there are options.

In a Bathroom Cabinet 

Tiny apartments have bathroom cabinets under their sinks. While most people just fill this area with additional toiletries, you can repurpose it to store your cat’s litter box. This location, however, all depends on the size of the cabinet and the litter box. 

You can fit a standard covered litter box if you have plenty of space. Your cat gets a private bathroom, and you can put the litter box in a place you can quickly clean. The bathroom cabinet also helps keep the stench far away from guests in other rooms. 

Removing the cabinet door gives your cat easy access to their litter box. A hidden cat litter box can lead to ‘accidents’ on your carpets and floors. You can always re-attach the door and sanitize the area when moving out. 

put cat litter box in apartment closet

In a Linen  Closet

You might be using your linen closet to store linens, but did you know they can fit litter boxes as well? If the size is correct, you can use it to keep your cat’s litter box. Most linen closets have a small rectangular space that can fit your cat’s litter box. 

This location works well for closets without carpeting in them. If the closet in your apartment has a carpet, you can lay an absorbent litter mat over it. This mat prevents any urine from soaking into your carpet.

Cats usually cover their poop when they finish their business. So it’s no surprise that you will find stray litter in your home because it is stuck on their paws. With a litter mat there, they will clean their paws to prevent dragging litter everywhere. 

Like other cabinets you choose to store a litter box, you might have to remove the door. The last thing you want is your cat getting locked out or worse -locked in their private potty place.

Highly Ventilated Areas

If one of your major problems is getting rid of cat odor, you need to find a location with adequate ventilation. Near an open window is one of the best spots for your furry friend. 

It would be best if you also consider how high your windows are. Cats love windows because looking at other animals or plants is exciting for them. They get to enjoy the breeze and cool down. 

Litter Box Furniture

When you're in an apartment with limited space, multi-functional furniture becomes a necessity. One of the best ways to keep your litter box hidden is to buy furniture that doubles as a litter box.

You can get an enclosed litter box that's hidden in a TV console or side table.

Here are a couple of great options we found on Amazon. If these don't match the style of your apartment, they have plenty more to search through.

For instance, here's a hidden cat litter box that doubles as a bench.

unipaw litter box cover storage

Here's another option that fits well in a Scandinavian or Boho style apartment.

Hidden Cat Litter Box Furniture Enclosure

Where To Avoid Putting Your Cat’s Litter Boxes

When looking for places in your home to put your cat’s litter box, you should be sure to know the places where not to put it.

Here are a few places you should avoid placing a cat’s litter box:

Places Your Cat Can’t Always Get Into

As obvious as this may sound, many cat owners may not think about this until it's too late. You might be used to placing the litter box in a bathroom but keep on closing the door when you leave.  That restricts your cat's access to their litter box.

If this happens frequently, you should consider moving the box. Placing it in a more accessible location in your apartment allows your cat to get in and out of the litter box easily, even if you're not home. Having an extra litter box can solve this problem. 

If your landlord is ok with it, another option is to create a cat flap or cat door in a door for your cat to access regardless of if the door is open or closed. Keep in mind, a lot of landlords will either be against it or charge you to replace the door when you move out.

Humid Spots and Rooms

The most humid room in your apartment is the bathroom. Bathrooms are humid because there is more water in the air after showers. Due to the humidity, it is easy for mold to grow in cat litter boxes placed in the bathroom.

Mold growing in litter boxes is a frequent complaint about cat owners. But with small apartments, getting a convenient location isn’t easy. If it's the only spot you have, you can place the litter box outside your bathroom.

where not to put cat litter box in small apartments

Areas With High People Traffic

Your kitty's litter box should be in a private area in your apartment. Cats are very private creatures. You should help them keep it that way, especially when doing their business. 

I realize this might be difficult to do if you live in a studio apartment or even a one bedroom apartment, but there are some specific areas you should try to avoid.

High traffic areas include your front door, sitting room, and kitchen. Your cat might be shy to use the litter box when too many people are moving around your apartment. 

High-traffic areas are also the worst when it comes to cleaning. You don’t want to be cleaning stray litter that your guests walked on when you could be chatting and having fun. 

Poorly Ventilated Areas

A lot of pet owners put "hidden cat litter boxes" in closet space. But there's the thing—cat feces and urine smells bad.

Putting your kitty’s litter box inside an area with little to no ventilation leads to one thing—a strong odor in your apartment. To mitigate the lingering litter smell in your home, you might have to place the litter box near an open window. 

Odor control is of the utmost importance when you're trying to decide on litter box placement. That's why a lot of people prefer to keep their cat's litter tray in a spare room.

Less Space Shouldn't Mean Litter Box Issues

Now, you have an idea of the best place to put your cat litter box in your apartment. Space can be a problem in a tiny apartment. But as long as the litter box is accessible to your kitty and in a well-ventilated area, you shouldn’t worry too much about pet odors. 

You can save your space by getting a small and narrow litter box. An automatic one also saves you time because it cleans itself after your cat uses it. No matter the size of your apartment, there is always a place you can put a cat litter box.

where to put cat litter box inside small apartments


Where do you put cat poop in an apartment?

Scoop the cat waste into a sealed plastic bag. Then place that into a trash bag (grocery bags work as well). Throw the bag away immediately.

Where should you not put a litter box?

Don't place your litter box in spaces with little to no ventilation, or anywhere your cat can't access without you.

Can I put two litter boxes next to each other?

You should keep your litter boxes separate, particularly if they're for multiple cats.

Is it safe to have a litter box in my room?

As long as your room is ventilated and your cat always has access, you can keep a litter box inside your room. However, you also need to clean it regularly to prevent your room from smelling like cat urine and feces.

Can you put a litter box outside?

You shouldn't keep litter boxes outside. It can attract stray cats. On top of that, if your cat is an indoor cat, they need to be comfortable with using the litter box inside.

How far away should my cat's food be from the litter box?

According to most experts, you should keep the litter box far enough from the cat food that the smells don't get mixed up. In other words, avoid putting your litter box and cat food in the same room.