9 Tips to Decorate a 400 Square Foot Studio Apartment

9 Tips to Decorate a 400 Square Foot Studio Apartment

Bright lights, big city. It all sounds so exciting—until you get a load of the apartments. There’s a price to pay for living in a big city. Often, that’s in the form of small living spaces.

If you’re used to coming home to a spacious layout, transitioning to a tiny apartment may not seem like a great move. But, you can make it comfortable and even chic if you know how to properly decorate your space.

You may not be able to take all your worldly goods with you to your new 400-square-foot studio apartment, but that’s okay. Part of the fun of moving into a new space is finding creative ways to make it look amazing.

You’ll need to be resourceful and figure out how to make do with less space. Studio apartments are one-room units.

You’ll have to convert a single room into an office, kitchen, bedroom, and living room. That’s no small feat. It can be easy to overstuff your apartment but doing so will make it look cluttered.

There’s nothing chic about that. No one wants to come home to a space that makes them feel claustrophobic or overwhelmed.

But don’t despair. Living in a small space doesn’t have to keep you from creating a stylish and comfortable home.

This article will show you exactly how to turn your modest studio apartment into a space you actually want to live in. Here are the tips you need to know to help you style a studio apartment so it reflects your personality and works for you.

Be a Savvy Storer

There are several ways you can maximize your space when you know how to store things. When there’s not enough room to spread out, then it’s time to spread up.

Take advantage of your studio apartment’s wall space. Hang shelves just a foot shy of the ceiling and put your books or home decor items there. You can also use free-standing shelves.

Be a Savvy Storer

Songmics’ five tier storage rack is adjustable so you’ll be able to place your plants, books, and art collection in a visually appealing arrangement. This industrial style unit will fit in well with a studio apartment’s small, minimalistic vibe.

Decorative baskets can be placed on the bottom shelf to conceal those everyday items that don’t look so adorable. Fill pretty wicker baskets with phone chargers, flashlights, ugly Christmas sweaters—you name it. Slide those babies at the bottom of the shelves so they’ll be out of sight.

Get a Multi-purpose Bed

Let your bed pull double duty. Living in a small space means you need to have furniture that’s as functional as it is cute. You have to be able to use it in various ways.

Get a bed frame that comes with built-in drawers so it’s multi-functional. DHP Dakota’s upholstered faux leather platform bed comes in black or white. You can get it in a twin or full size.

Although it comes in queen or king sizes, they would take up too much space. Opt for the smaller sizes. Four built-in plastic drawers are set on wheels so that you can store off-season clothing, bedding, and more with ease.

If you find that you need more storage space, set a sturdy, wooden chest at the end of your bed. Use it to store blankets, shoes, or magazines. Add a wool or linen throw on top and you’ll have a visually appealing place to sit.

Free Up Your Kitchen

Have a tiny kitchen? Use a table that can unfold from the wall. You can also save some counter and pantry space by hanging your pots and pans on the walls in your kitchen.

Another option to consider is wall-mounted pot racks. Of course, you can buy these, or you can go the DIY route. Use a pegboard and some hooks to create your pot racks. Add functional decor such as wall lamps or hooks to store items like extra folding chairs for seating.

Visually Expand Your Bathroom

Let’s not overlook the bathroom. This room tends to be the smallest area of any house outside of the laundry room. If it feels cramped, then add a shallow ledge close to your sink.

Visually Expand Your Bathroom

This will be the perfect spot to keep your face cleansers, flowers, and candles. Consider putting toiletries such as bath tissue in cute baskets or out of sight.

Use Visual Tricks

Create Illusions

Create the look of extra space by choosing clear or Lucite furniture. It looks modern and gives small spaces a clean feel that you can’t get from traditional, heavy pieces.

This set of four ghost chairs by GreenForest can work equally well in your dining room as well as your living space.

If you prefer for your studio apartment to feel clean and tidy consider getting a desk armoire. When you’re not using it you can shut it to help you hide your office clutter.

Use Curtains to Your Advantage

Hang your curtains from the ceiling. You’ll give any room a visual boost by making the space feel larger and more luxe. You can even hang a curtain around your bed to create privacy and define the space as a bedroom.

Enlarge your Space with Light

Make good use of extra lighting throughout your space. Just make sure that it’s not bulky. Sconces are a good source of lighting that won’t take up any floor space. If you want floor lamps, opt for ones that are thin and won’t take up much space.

Instead of getting side tables and putting lamps on them, place adjustable arm lights on either side of your bed.

Enlarge your Space with Light

You’ll free up valuable real estate and still be able to read a good book before bed. Hang mirrors strategically. In a small studio apartment, mirrors are your new BFF.

They’re great for creating the illusion of extra space because they bounce light off of windows. As a result, your eye is tricked into believing that your space is bigger and brighter.

Rooms look much larger when they are filled with light. Harness your small abode’s natural light by not covering the windows all day.

Open those curtains and let the sun in. You’re not a vampire after all. Sunlight won’t kill you. Most people agree that bright lights help boost your mood.

Go Neutral

Use a light, neutral color to unify the space and make it feel bigger. Avoid dark colors such as navy or black.

They’ll make your space feel tiny. Lighter tones, on the other hand, will help reflect light. As a result, your studio apartment will feel airy and light.

Neutrals such as beige, ivory, taupe, and gray can work well in studio apartments. Just make sure that your landlord is okay with you painting your place. There may be a policy against it or you may incur a fee if it’s allowed.

Create Zones

Another visual trick you can use is to add a room divider. A folding screen provides privacy. Plus, it gives the illusion of creating separate spaces.

Not into screens? You can always use a curtain as a room divider. This chic divider comes in a variety of colors and can easily separate small spaces in seconds. Adding rugs will further enforce the idea that your space has different “rooms.”

Scale Your Furniture Down

Stick to slim furniture with clean lines. Choose sofas that are smaller in scale. Add pillows and textured throws for a richer, layered look.

If you have a low ceiling, go with low-sitting pieces. The larger the furniture is, the more space it’ll occupy.

Scale Your Furniture Down

Skip the bulky leather sofas that were trending in the 90s. Opt for a modern, compact sofa that leaves you some breathing space.

Along those lines, bear in mind that less is more. The more stuff you bring to your studio apartment, the more space it’ll take up. Keep your decor to a minimum.

Only bring what you need. Once you get your bed, sofa, and dining table set up you can see what else you have space for.